We can all be the change that we want to see in the world, sometimes you just need a little bit of encouragement to get you to start and that’s what the London based duo Berne have decided to do in their latest ethereal single with an empowering environmental message title To The Lions.

“It was a light-bulb moment for us when we realised we can combine both our life passions: music and care for the environment, and this song is a testimony to that.” The duo explain. “To The Lions urges people to reflect on the repercussions of their food choices, inspired by Jonathan Safran Foer’s book ‘Eating Animals.'”

What I particularly like about this single is the word play between the lyrics “To The Lions” and “Throw Me A Lifeline” as they sound quite similar within the track but both have two different meanings that shows the choice we have to make in the modern era. The vocals are awe-inspiring with the harmonies creating a mystical atmosphere that is effortlessly backed by the ambient production to make the meaning of the track hit you even harder. Add in a gorgeous music video and you’ve got something that’s both visually and audibly stunning.

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