The acoustic guitar and electronics are honestly just a match made in heaven. The raw and natural sound of the guitar combined with the clean sound of the synths just has something to it that I find spellbinding, but when you have a talented artist like Novi doing it then this sound gets elevated to a whole new level. It’s like a crazy combination Ed Sheeran and Halsey and I freaking love it.

Daydream already has a lush production backing it but it’s when you notice the subtle nuances that make you sit back and realise how lushly textured the soundscape of this track is. Novi’s vocals go from this soft airy tone in the opening to this raw vocal in the chorus that has such emotion to it and give this song that little bit of edge that makes it cut through the noise and stand out amongst the crowd. Throw in some inspirational yet poignant lyrics and you’ve got an addictive little number.

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