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Queer artist DOLLY BING BING creates a cathartic experience in “Eat Me”


As of late I’ve began noticing that a lot of new age artists have been getting inspired by Y2K aesthetic through both their artwork and music videos. It’s something that can be quite hit and miss but the Belgian queer artist DOLLY BING BING has hit it out of the park with the visually stimulating music video she’s created for her single Eat Me, an ode to the passing of  husband and one of their shared favourite poets Edgar Allen Poe.

“The video plays with the cruel waves between desire and death, bondage and battle, arcadia and madness, eventually dissolving into the calming sand of a faraway Poe-like ‘kingdom by the sea,'” DOLLY BING BING explains.

Whilst the visual aesthetics are ridiculously pleasing the song itself is also quite avant garde-esque with the shimmering pop production contrasting the tragically dark lyrics to create a beautifully compelling dynamic. The whole piece has this calming aura around it that perfectly represents the healing process that she’s gone through to create a truly cathartic experience that is hard to come by.

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