Indie pop band All The Rest are probably one of the best kept secrets out in the music scene right now with their brand of indie pop being utterly addictive, compelling and just damn irresistible. They haven’t had one bad song and they might’ve just released their best single yet in the form of Move On that, ever since I heard it, I’ve been consistently singing out-loud in the shower, much to the annoyance of my flatmates.

Move on meets you right where you are, right when you need it; at least that’s what it did for us,” The band explain. “Through these past couple of years our individual lives have changed so rapidly, and become complicated to say the least. This song happened to come into existence through a dark time for a couple of us specifically. We haven’t really had any other choice but to keep going and have faith that it’s all going to work out…even when it doesn’t feel like it. That’s what Move On is about. Maybe you can relate.”

What I love about this track is that is the juxtaposition it has with the uplifting chorus showing the brighter times head, representing the faith they had, and the verses offering a more darker edge showing the struggle they were experiencing. It’s a dynamic that is utterly compelling mixed with these emotive lyrics that are delivered effortlessly by these honest vocals and when you combine all that with the fantastic production then you’ve got an utterly euphony inducing indie pop track.

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