Adult Programming serves as the moniker for the Miami based musician and actor AJ Ruiz. The whole project was born from AJ Ruiz’s response to the issues that come with adulthood and is his instinctual reply that allows him to set himself free from the constraints of responsibility.

He recently dropped a brand new single titled YR FAULT, a raw and emotionally honest single that sees the artist dive straight into his own errors throughout life and the psychological effect is has on you. It’s got a post-punk inspired production that is reminiscent of Interpol and the heavy rock guitars being reminiscent of The Clash in many ways. The powerful vocals are the most powerful part of this track with them delivering the honest vocals adding that last bit of extra edge that launches this track into the stratosphere.

“YR FAULT is a look at procrastination and its effects on the mental health of young adults,” Adult Programming explains. “When I come up short on a goal I’ve set I find myself going back to self-flagellation rituals. YR FAULT is about pointing the finger at the person who is responsible for all my shortcomings. Me.”

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