The Brighton based collective Night House are known for creating these beautifully atmospheric songs that consistently send shivers down my spine through their divine vocal delivery, poignantly poetic lyrics and orchestrally arranged production. Their music is an ethereal experience that’s beauty will have you crying without you even realising it and their latest offering Blackout is a perfect example of this.

“I wrote Blackout about jealousy and toxic masculinity,” Nick Williams of the project explains. “It focuses on how we can lose our perception of reality when our emotions are taken over by insecurity. For this song it was important to me that the music mirrored the lyrics, adding blurred late night club vibe to our minimal electronic folk sound. As the track progresses we bring in more electronic beats, dark swirling synths till eventually we land with a four on the floor beat in the second chorus. Basically it’s an millennial existential crisis ‘careless whisper.'”

The enchanting falsetto vocal leads the track with it having this strong emotional impact that makes you feel like you’re getting hit by a heavy weight champion in a prize winning fight. Lyrically this single is pure poetry with them painting a picture in your mind with every word being another stroke added until the end where you’re left with a masterpiece to admire. Then you have the vocal harmonies which add another layer to this track mixing with the intimately ambient production and you’re left with a song this is the definition of euphony.

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