We’ve all had one of those friends who we’ve had feelings for but never expressed are feelings for them because we were scared of what would happen if the feelings are reciprocated. It’s a horrible feeling that STRUAN has been able to emotionally communicate by pouring their soul into their latest single Elizabeth without sacrificing a great melodic pop sound.

Elizabeth was a girl I was friends with in high school,” STRUAN explains. “There were feelings on both sides but one of us was always with another person. The night before I left for college we stayed up until 4am on her parents’ rooftop overlooking the lights of DC. It was all very cinematic and I spent over a year on this song trying to capture that.

Throughout this single there’s this strong sense of nostalgia that transports you back to your youth in an instant, the lyrics often end up hitting home with you fully relating to the situation that he was in back then. The production never loses that pop feeling but at the same time keeps the high levels of emotion but the star of the show is STRUAN’s vocal that pulls at your heart strings throughout until you’re left remembering what could’ve been.

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