If you’re looking for some incredibly energetic indie rock songs with lyrics filled with clever observations as well as sarcasm and wit then you’re going to want to listen to Kadeema’s sensational debut. Honestly it’s one of those songs that will be stuck in your head for days and weeks to come with, especially with the effortlessly catchy choral chants in the chorus of Gotta Get It.

There’s so many things I just love in this track but I think the addictive production is my personal favourite with those slick guitar licks that get your foot tapping in a matter of seconds and an insatiable groove that makes you want to dance along like no one is watching, it’s just divine. Then you’ve got the intelligent lyrics that have a strong wit about them whilst also being very good observations on the modern society we live in where we just want to get anything, especially during Black Friday sales. Do yourself a favour and dive into this song now!

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