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The Satellite Station release the poignant “I Should Have Fought For You”


There’s something quite thought provoking about The Satellite Station’s latest single with the song questioning the difference between how we feel and how we present ourselves to the world. It’s something that I’ve spent long hours thinking about after, how no one truly knows what is happening in our mind except ourselves and often when we feel sad we’re actually convincing the people around us that we’re happy. It’s a message that has spent a lot of time with me since listening to their track I Should Have Fought For You.

The production behind the track is simple but beautiful with the way it starts out with these soft indie folk guitar melodies before building to this quite beautiful emotional end that sends shivers down my spine. Lyrically the track is superb with these poignantly poetic lyrics getting across the message of the song faultlessly with the evocative vocals delivering them beautifully.

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