Transatlantic trio Raynes earlier this year dropped their debut track Lemon Drop, an uplifting piece of classic Americana instrumentals with modern pop melodies that combined could easily put a smile on anyones face the second they hear the track. Now they’ve released their follow up single Second Thought, a more melancholy offering but still keeps their signature big instrumentals.

The lyrics of the track discuss scepticism and hesitance that can slowly over time destroy a relationship and deciding it’s time to deal with them and face the issues head on with the lyric, “I’d kill for a guarantee to make it easy to stay / And check the uncertainty or just take it away,” representing this perfectly. The vocals are solemn in their delivery effortlessly painting a picture of this troubled relationship with the bittersweet production of lush guitar melodies and measured beats adding to this ambivalent atmosphere further resulting in a fantastic piece of music.

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