Allow me to introduce you to the Nashville native now LA based artist Love You Later who’s music is quite simply divine. Her sound takes influence from the 1980’s with this dreamy synth landscape that just transports you to a whole new world with alluring melodies and captivating lyrics to match. If you need proof of this then just listen to her latest single Said That You’d Be There which feels like it should belong in the soundtrack for The Breakfast Club.

“Said That You’d Be There was written after an instance when I got led on and let down,” Love You Later explains. “I’m notorious for getting my hopes up especially when it’s a boy that says he’ll be at my show on ‘Friday’ and never showed. I always wanted that Freaky Friday moment where my crush comes to my show, front row, we make eye contact the entire time, and it feels like it’s only us two in the room. That’s just my hopeless romantic speaking loudly, but it sounded pretty promising to me.”

This track managed to give you this euphoric production featuring glistening synths and lush guitar melodies that are reminiscent of The 1975 mixed with a melancholy vocal that adds a unique dynamic to the piece. With the track being about not letting the small things get you down and truly embracing life and being free it makes sense to have that production with those quixotic lyrics. This whole piece is just perfect for singing out loud with your friends late at night without a care in the world and is just a truly intoxicating piece of pop.

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