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Kate Gratson discusses unrequited love, self doubt and the time we waste in “On To You”


When it comes to love we can often be our biggest enemy with our mind telling us we’re not good enough for someone or they might not be the one and this usually makes us waste time when we should just enjoy the moment. In her latest single On To You the New York City native Kate Gratson dives into the subject of unrequited love and the time we waste thanks to our own self doubt.

This track is pure R&B with it combining the emotionally captivating vocal style of the early 90’s which is reminiscent of Aaliyah and the modern flair that’s been injected into the production with this luscious electric guitar being a big highlight. Lyricisms that are pure poetry are featured throughout the piece with the most poignant being, “I’ve been moving on to you / Took my eyes to tell the truth / Wish I told you sooner / Your kisses soft and sweet.” Overall this is an emotive single that creates an instant connection with the listener and shows how effortlessly Kate Gratson can craft honest pieces of music.

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