Back in 2018 the Australian artist ELME released one of my favourite debuts of the year with his track The Missing Piece. It was a beautiful piece of music that demonstrated the immense talent this newcomer had with the poignantly beautiful lyrics and a euphoria inducing vocal that sent shivers down my spine. Ever since then I’ve been patiently waiting for his follow up track and today I am overjoyed to share with you Kids.

Kids is about trying to remember the sense of fearlessness we have as children when we’re faced with life’s challenges as adults,” ELME explains. “With this, I wanted a nostalgic feeling to permeate the production and tried to make a feature of the drum and bass style beats that I liked when I was growing up.”

It’s spellbinding, this whole piece is quite simply a masterpiece. Lyrically the piece is pure poetry with ELME’s voice adding this emotional weight to it making each word hit you like the final blow in a prize winning fight. The production is divine with these gorgeous ambient synths and tender beats creating this beautifully textured soundscape that leaves you in pure awe over what you’re listening. ELME looks set to make his mark on not only the indie music scene but the global music scene with his brand of indie pop being utterly magnificent.

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