Ferdinant found his passion for music in an old guitar in Portugal, which use to belong to his father who also used to be a busker, and from that he created his melodramatic and cinematic sound. He culminates all of that now and has put it into his spellbindingly emotional debut titled Kerosene which came about thanks to one simple plane ride.

Kerosene happened on a flight,” Ferdinant explains. “It talks about my inner desires to sometimes just shut everything off and have moments where I leave everything behind me, frustration, pressure, and white-noise. I sat down in my seat and the scent of jet-fuel entered my mind. On the take off words started coming and all these images of the past few weeks just came back. I was triggered by what someone said to me about youth and beauty, how they called it a blessing, it touched me, and I built the lyrics around that emotion.”

The piece is spectacularly produced with a melancholy piano melody that belongs in an emotionally tantalising indie film combined with the mesmerising sounds of an accordion that add a special flavour to this track that sets it apart from the crowd. Then you’ve got the lyricisms, which are pure poetry, focusing on the escapism we all want experience from out day to day lives and how although we all have share different frustrations we also share the need to forget about them. It’s a strong piece of beauty and art.

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