One genre fusion I never though I’d see is pop punk and hip hop but as of late it’s become one of the most exciting and innovative genres out there with artists continuously pushing the boundaries of this new genre. One group who’ve really caught my eye is Jeremy Pascal (comprised of Tino Romana, Julian Propst, and Nico Winkler) who’s debut single Good Drugs instantly got stuck in my head.

What I love about the track is how it manages to resonate with people almost immediately through the somber lyrics telling a story from Tino Romana’s life. The production has this undeniable flair with the vibey atmosphere created by the textured soundscape mixed with the pop edge and R&B synths to create a unique sound. Add ins eom passionate vocals and an irresistible ear worm of a hook and you’ve got a debut that cements this trio as a group to keep an eye on.

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