Something I’ve always said is that if you can captivate someone with just one instrument and your voice then you’ve got something special and this definitely the case with Miles Horn. The London based artist released four tracks back in 2017 and now he’s made his grand return with what is, arguably, his best song to date called Too Much.

This is a heartbreaking piano ballad with the song focusing on the ‘what ifs’ that come with the end of a relationship, questioning whether or not he loved them enough or maybe, in the end, he love her too much. The lyrics are pure poetry, they effortlessly tell a story of the heartache he has experienced with the tender production helping bring his story to life. However the highlight of this track is Horn’s evocative vocal, every lyric he utters is dripping with raw and intense levels of emotion that truly bring this song to life. Add in a passionate climax and you’ve got a single that will have you reaching for the tissues.

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