For over a decade now Gabriella Cilmi has be consistently releasing stirring pieces of blues/soul music that has left audiences falling in love with her instantly recognisable vocal and sound. Today she’s dropped the second single The Water off of her forthcoming EP that continues to show the high calibre of her songwriting ability.

“We wrote The Water over a blues riff and it kind of evolved from there,” Cilmi explains the songwriting process of her latest single. “The lyrics were inspired by new age prophets and the self-professed messiah types, who promise you heaven on earth if you follow them, sign up to their courses or donate to their ‘churches’ funding their lavish lifestyles. I was watching Wild, Wild Country at the time and I guess that may have sublimely influenced me.”

I do love when the inspiration for a song comes from something completely out of left-field and this is definitely that! As per usual Cilmi’s voice is outstanding, the tone she possesses as she effortlessly sings across the blues tinged production. One thing I particularly like is the almost church feeling coming from the production with the melody coming from the piano and country tones from the backing vocals build this almost congregation feeling into the track. Add some poignant lyricisms into the piece and you’ve got a beautiful piece of blues music that is well worth a listen.

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