This is a very simple thing for me but I do love when I listen a British artist and I can immediately tell where they’re from. It’s a small thing but I often find it adds a certain charm and flair to the track that wouldn’t of been there without it and I believe a prime example of that is Abz Winter in her latest single Incompatible Me.

Though she be young, she be fierce. Throughout the single Winter displays her sass and attitude filled vocals, especially during the line, “This ain’t the 1950’s but they’ll play that old school vibe,” and in return these vocals give the track the extra edge that it needed to take it to another level. The production is erratic with a mix of 1920’s Jazz sounds and more modern beats coming together, which honestly shouldn’t work, but the way it’s done with Winter’s style manages to make the piece feel like they truly belong together. It’s a bonkers piece that is more than worth a listen.


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