The storytelling nature of Country music has always been something I’ve admired. The way a Country artist can weave a tale of their first love, reminisce about friendships they never wanted to end or express the loss of someone close to them and have it resonate with so many people is something to be applauded.

In her latest single Jillian Jacqueline tells the story of being in a relationship with someone who doesn’t appreciate you fully and makes you feel almost worthless because of it. Sad Girls is sung with such emotional anguish that you feel every single word she sings and with heartbreaking lyrics like, “You can’t jump out of the car right now, It’s too damn far to walk alone,” it’s hard not to feel emotional yourself. The acoustic styling creates a tender atmosphere allowing Jacqueline’s emotive vocals to be enthral the listener and create that emotional resonance that only Country music can.

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