Q&A1234: Dave Coresh

It has been long overdue for LA-based artist, producer, and songwriter extraordinaire Dave Coresh to reach the shores of the UK. After releasing his debut EP, SMOKENMIRRORS, he dabbles with an experimental alternative hip-hop sound that brings in all-in-your-face energy. The self-produced 6-track project runs at total of 13 minutes and 52 seconds start to finish. But, before we get into the music let’s take a look at his flourishing decade plus long career. You would be flabbergasted by the amount of times Dave has cameoed in your favorite artists music videos. From Smino to Vic Mensa and opening for Wiz Khalifa years ago, he has maintained to advance his reputation.

SMOKENMIRRORS will take you through your realest lessons of acceptance in unequal relationships, heartbreak, individualism and themes of self healing by shedding your old traits. His unique punk-rap delivery in the first couple tracks provides power to his don’t care attitude. Clashing guitar rifts and energetic drums will always have you rocking your head or drag you out to dance. Show some respect to Dave in his most recent video where he almost broke his ankle! We learned sometime next year there will be a short film to accompany this project. Keep your eyes pealed for this because with an interesting choice of directing inspirations from David Fincher, Shia Labeouf, and Spike Lee, I expect this short film to be something that will leave you hearing SMOKENMIRRORS everywhere. Lastly, as we ended the conversation with Dave showing me a song he was working on. Let’s take a plunge into the mind of Dave Coresh to learn how he continues to live with rejection, self-praise, and personal motivation. 

It’s been almost a decade working as a creative, do you feel like quitting or right in your place?

That battle, that struggle, is there every day. I think the urge to make music and be creative is something you can never lose. Pursuing this as a business or entrepreneur definitely teaches on a line and tugged on the heartstrings to continue to beat this wall or make music for the fun of it. That’s really where my shit speaks from, Imma do music no matter if it’s 10 or 10 million people fucking with me.

What have been your lowest points?

I started this band in LA, and long story short I realized I put a lot of effort into other people and not us much faith into my own ideas. Now I lead from what truly moves me, that’s been my life by philosophy as of right now. Trust my gut; win, lose, or draw. 

What made you leave Chicago for LA in 2013?

I feel like I hit a ceiling. I touched a lot of spaces, and knew a lot of people but I haven’t built a real infrastructure for how to manoeuvre as a business. You know it’s one thing to make music but another to eat of this shit.

What advice do you have for people in similar situations?

You could always wait until there’s an industry and opportunity around where you live. I think that’s Chicago now. You just gotta be hot, and people will definitely find out. I feel my shit was ahead of its time. People say I’ve been doing it for ten years, I say “yea I’ve been on that, some folks just getting on that, but I’m on my way” that’s kept me moving forward and patient to wait my turn. 

Going into SMOKENMIRRORS, receiving all this support and translating into recent accolades. How does it feel for your sound to spread?

It’s very humbling and rewarding to see people activated by it. No matter what accolades, people sharing the diverse listening settings and making me feel it’s one of those projects that are connecting with everyone. I got a couple more visuals that I wanna share soooo bad but I feel now people are paying more attention to me and letting people in the Coresh world. “It’s all SMOKENMIRRORS anyway”

I saw in a previous interview that cooking is a part of your morning creative process. What are your favorite dishes to make?

Its moods. Last week I hand-made pasta from scratch. I made Picasa, Korean short rib, chimichurri, lamb chops, and different salads, haha I’m just hungry. But one of my favorite sauces is vodka sauce, so any pasta with cheese and salad is rounded. Salmon is one of my favorite dishes. 

If you were stuck on an island for a year, what three objects would you bring?

First off, I’m coming through with the fire starter because I ain’t finna play no games, I’m lighting good fires no problem. Then, I’m coming with my custom Dave Coresh machete with a compass on it. Lastly, I’m bringing a reverse osmosis machine and be out there with fresh water. They gonna come back to me and Imma be straight. Abundance.

What was the inspiration behind your album cover art?

Something iconic. One reference I used was Ella Fitzgerald’s black and white photo. 

What is one of your favorite lines from the project?

From the track DUMBLUCK,  “Bass can’t get any louder, it’s already blown.”

What have been some of the highlights of creating this project?

Really getting everyone together on the same page. I jumped off a moving car and twisted my ankle and it blew up like a grapefruit. People after seeing that wanted to continue the same energy and not let the atmosphere die if I was still going for two more videos with a brace. That’s what I mean by SMOKENMIRRORS, people never see the hard work and energy that it takes, and not just my energy but others’. That’s one of the dopest parts of this whole thing, teamwork.

What’s coming next for you?

The next piece I got for y’all is a short film around 15 minutes long. Three music videos put together with some B-roll, with references from David Fincher, Shia Labeouf, Spike Lee, and some other ideas I want y’all to see.

Lastly, who are you counting in?

Jean Dawson, I’ve been on bro for a minute so it’s amazing to see him blow up. That’s my dude right there.