We have the true honour of having Laura Reyes, otherwise known as Laura’s Playlists taking over our Discovery playlist this week. Laura’s truly been thriving during the pandemic, curating a plethora of playlists that’ve introduced hundreds upon thousands of people to outstanding new rising musicians. With an ethos of similar to our own of uncovering talent and sharing their stories that happen behind the scenes and being incredibly passionate about the independent scene, she was the perfect person to do this. Below is a brief biography about Laura Reyes, going from her humble beginnings during nationwide quarantines to her now strong and loyal following of ardent music lovers.

“As a means of passing the time during quarantine, she created Laura’s Playlists, an interactive platform where she can share my passion for music. Laura, a playlist curator with a desire to find indie artists who aren’t well-known. Since Laura has been a curator for so long, she finally decided it was time to share them with the public. Whenever possible, Laura interviewed and worked with different artists to uncover their stories from behind the scenes. She became passionate about independent music after introducing new independent bands to friends, as she wanted them to reach a wider audience. Currently, she has over 19,000 Spotify followers and 1,000 Instagram followers. As of now, Laura is studying marketing in Nashville with the hope of becoming a permanent member of the music industry. Playlists allow her to express her taste in music and show what Laura has discovered through research and collaboration.”

Be sure to dive head first into this edition of Discovery to uncover all the breathtaking talent Laura has put on display, and if you head over to her Indie Underground playlist you’ll see we’ve returned the favour and shared 20 artists that we’ve fallen head over heels for this past year. Be sure to check out her Instagram, Spotify and website to keep up to date with all of Laura’s future discoveries.