PREMIERE: Kyns – The End

After spending years working behind the scenes as an assistant engineer, studio session vocalist and songwriter for musicians within the Bay Area of Oakland, California Kyns announced herself in style with her mesmerising debut Lost. Throughout the track she took you on a spellbinding journey that offered a cathartic experience for all those who’ve experienced loss with her celestial vocal singing poetic phrases that represented the stages of grief beautifully. She showed everyone what she was capable of in one big grand song so it’s no surprised that her follow up single The End only builds on that emotionally enthralling sound further.

The piece is an ode to the anxiety driven feeling of impending doom that has only been amplified further by 2020, however the song doesn’t start off with a foreboding style. We open with a mystical dreamy experience that allows the bliss feelings to wash over you as her lyrical prowess dissects how isolation has left our old wounds that we thought had healed looking all the more raw and real in the light of the new normal. It slowly builds to a climax of pure cacophony induced emotion as the heavy guitars explode into life, her heavenly vocal belts out pure passion and the lyrics begin to hit harder than ever before. Another stellar single from this rising musician.