Family of Things – YKB

The Hamilton, Ontario based band Family of Things have one of those sounds that you can just envision on a future FIFA game soundtrack. It has everything those soundtracks need from the boundless vocals, rhythmic integrity, catchy hooks and even an addictive atmosphere that just can’t be beat, seriously if anyone at EA is reading this get this band on FIFA 21. I mean you just have to listen to their latest release YKB to understand the high levels of talent and creativity they have on display.

The soundscape of this track is a real highlight with high octane guitar melodies mixed with some lush synth beats, a strong percussion and a brass section that has an insatiable funky rhythm to it and you’ll find it hard not to lose yourself in this sound. On top of that you’ve got some highflying vocals that’s reminiscent of Tame Impala and a brilliant atmospheric quality that makes it feel like a real stadium anthem. Yeah this is something I’m going to be listening to on repeat for weeks to come.

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