A One Two Three Four receives hundreds of songs and we make sure to listen to every single one of them.


We aim to promote all music that we fall in love with. No matter how big or how small, whether you’re an up and coming artist or an already seasoned performer, if we love your music we will make sure that we share it on our website and across our social media.

If you want to send us a song, please use SubmitHub.

What is SubmitHub I hear you ask? Well it’s a place where you can find some of the best music blogs, youtube channels and record labels around who all want to share and promote your music to the world. Sending in music is really easy and when you do you’re guaranteed a response within 48 hours including feedback from us that gives you insight into why we made our decision.

If you want to send us an album or want more in-depth feedback, please use HumanHuman.

Here is where you’ll find a lot of tastemakers and bloggers looking for the next upcoming artist who they think will become an icon. Here we offer more in-depth feedback about the project you’ve submitted meaning you can really understand the decisions we’ve made and why we made them.

Why we don’t accept any free submissions.

Curating, writing and maintaining a website isn’t cheap. It require a lot of work and can often become a costly experience for us that, more often than not, leaves us with very little money. By paying money to submit a song you help us keep the site running and sharing music from across the globe that we love.