King Isis – 4leaf Clover


With a multi-instrumentalist Jazz musician grandfather, a mother who spent her whole life playing the flute, and a great-great grandmother, Omega King, who was one of the first black soprano opera singers to perform in Aïda and La Traviata, it seemed almost destined that King Isis would follow in their family’s lineage.

Stifled by years of stringent classic training, they began to branch out and explore other genres, experimenting, playing, and eventually forming a multi-faceted sound that they proudly proclaim as their own. With a powerful message about exposing their vulnerability in the hopes of helping others gain strength, King Isis was born, and their debut is a tantalising opener to their sonic world.

Instantly grabbing you with the evocative storytelling told through an authentic lens, and heartfelt vocal that pulls at your emotions, 4leaf Clover stops you in your tracks. The stripped back production featuring a lonesome guitar strumming melancholy melodies, King Isis offers you a place of solace to let you freely express your emotions without fear of the reproductions that may come with it. Their serene voice uses a delicate brush to create a vivid portrait for the darkness they’ve experience, before a little crack of light bursts through, and shows hope can live amongst the darkness. It’s fitting that they’re called King Isis because they’ve produced a track fit for royalty.

“I wrote “4leaf clover” when I was in a creatively depleted place. I wanted to get out of this loop. I was stuck in a cycle of numbing myself, moving on auto-pilot, not really living but just going with the motions. I wrote this to get out of that reality and get out of my head. I wanted to release “4leaf” first because it felt like the most authentic introduction to me and my music. It’s kind of a free-write and note to self. All my songs start as acoustic shells with myself in a room with the guitar, pen and paper. We recorded this in one take as a capsule of the actual moment. “4leaf clover” is a song that I wrote in the dark to make room for the light, and can hopefully be there for others in those moments as well.”

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