Nai’a – No More Parties In The Albion Pleiad

There’s a beautiful, theatrical drama surrounding Nai’a’s artistic form of self expression. He injects so much of his being into his music that you feel as if you know him, creating an inseparable bond makes every heartbreaking word he croons pierce through your heart like a dagger. He transforms sadness into art. He takes the painful experience he often wracks his head around, translates them into poetic lyrics that Robert Frost would be proud of, all before adding an orchestral soundscape that exalts his voice to breathtaking new heights. He’s a must on any late night crying playlist and his latest release is no exception to this.

Inspired by a newspaper article written by a boy that Nai’a liked who only wanted him for his body, No More Parties In The Albion Pleiad is his response. His raw vocal timbre translates the agony he’s going through with class and grace, almost as if he’s reading his reply to this boy in front of him. You get a sense of intimacy from the production too, never going over the top with the orchestral setting and instead remaining restraint, allowing the cry-like tone of his voice to cascade down upon you like a waterfall of heart-wrenching pain. Gradually gliding to an elegant finish, it’s clear to see that whilst there will be no more parties in the Albion Pleiad, there will certainly be spellbinding performances.

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