Jay Hollywood – New World ft. Aviad, Dre Wave$ & Mike Quill

Despite being only 16 years old Jay Hollywood is already creating fervent raps with succulent hip hop beats that would rival some of the heavy hitters in the scene. His lyrical storytelling soars with the his sharp wit on full display and a flair filled yet empowering delivery that makes you walk like you’re 10ft tall, which he does 24/7 because his confidence within his music is jaw-dropping. His production combines the old with the new, taking classic gospel choir melodies with an early Motown influence before launching them into the modern era as they dovetail with compelling, Brooklyn inspired beats that give his sound a distinct flavour that’s hard to replicate. He’s a young musician who’s got the world at his feet and showcases his talent with a thrilling collaboration today.

New World combines his talents with other rising stars, with Aviad coming in with the stellar beats that get your head bopping, Dre Wave$ who’s voice commands your attention from the offset and Mike Quill who’s coming from over the pond to add his special sauce to the mixture. They all polymerise their individual skills to form an Avengers like ensemble, allowing each individually to shine and produce one something that has unreal amounts of replay value. It’s a simply unskippable track.

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