Lindsey Lomis – Daydreaming

If you’ve followed this site for a while now then you’ll know how we’ve constantly sung our praises for the budding songstress Lindsey Lomis. With her youthful energy, candid songwriting and natural ability the enthral you with her compelling vocal, the wunderkind has demonstrated that she is the full package. You dive into the discography and you’re met with a wide array of relatable pieces that could’ve come straight from your diary. Theatricality runs through the veins of her soundscape too, enhancing the emotion to fever pitch and there’s no better example of it than her debut EP Daydreaming.

The EP as a whole is a bittersweet coming of age movie in sonic form. The title track opens with a lush orchestra of strings creating a classic Disney princess vibe, but Lomis soon brings things into the modern era with her heart-on-sleeve lyrics and slick R&B influenced riffs coming into play. We then get her three singles that built up to the EP; call me when u get home being an absolute vibe, save your breath is a foot-tapper that Dua Lipa would be jealous of, and die with my friends is perfect for everyone currently heading off to college who want to let their emotions out. DISAPPEARING ACT is the grand finale and makes sure this EP doesn’t disappear from memory, instead staying long within your subconscious.

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