EQUAL – For You

Most bands ethos can be described in a few sentences or less, simple clear and to the point. However the harmonic sister duo Saleen and Chelsea Nolan need only their band name to let you know what their music is about, being EQUAL. The pair inject that ideology into every track they release, building a strong foundation for a community that values their beliefs, helps elevate each other from the ground up and fervently supports the message they shine a light on. Growing up on bands like Green Day social issues are always have a prime place in their sonic world, but when you fuse it with their love of Taylor Swift’s expressive storytelling you get a sound that’s unique to only them.

Their debut EP For You is a testament to what they set out to do with their platform, amplifying stories and bringing them to the attention of the public. It opens with Feeling, a pop rock anthem that makes you want to drive deep into the unknown, windows down, wind blowing through your hair and feeling like you’re on top of the world, all whilst you let your emotions pour out of you. Downfall and Don’t Call wouldn’t be out of place in Evermore, channelling heartfelt emotion through their gossamer vocals that form an ethereal beauty that is hauntingly spellbinding. We then come to the grand finale Desire, a soaring pop ballad that goes from a stripped back production to an explosive finale that will have you belting it out with all the power you can muster. They might be small but these two are heavy-hitters in this debut.

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