If you’ve followed A1234 for many years then you’ll know we’ve been big supporters of Buppy ever since his first release and his growth has been a wonderful thing to witness. With each song dropped her continually elevated his sonic landscapes, creating pieces of art that live within your mind and can help soundtrack every glorious moment of your life. I’d go as far to say that he’s currently an unsung voice for Gen Z, creating a sonic scrapbook of his adolescent story that’s become a marvel to behold.

Back when he was 16, Buppy decided it was time to pursue his dreams, hopped on a plane and landed in LA where he hoped to pursue music full time. Balancing school, working a part-time job, a social life and his music career was a difficult task to undertake, but he’s taken it all in his stride and transferred his life experience into his diaristic music. As the years went on, he made friends, collaborated with big name producers, formed a hub of young creatives ready to break into the industry and even found a girlfriend. He essentially lead every adolescents movie dream in real life.

What separates Buppy from the slew of other artists attempting to replicate his journey is that he’s a workhorse. The man doesn’t stop going out of his way to create connections, make everlasting experiences to translates into his sonic world, get experience performing and soaking up every bit of musical knowledge he can get his hands on. Like a dedicated craftsman, he takes time to understand his tools so he can make the best use out of them.

He’s got a spark and he’s about to ignite a powder keg that’s about to explode with the vivid vibrant colours of this young musicians sonic world. With a discography filled with bangers, lyrics filled to the brim with passion and being an all around wonderful guy, Buppy is a special case in this industry that I’m proud to share and talk about whenever new music arises. He’s ready to take on the world and I had the pleasure of chatting with him about his journey so far and what’s next.

If you had to describe your music to someone for the first time only using 10 words, what would you say?

Super Fucking Awesome Sounds By A Kid Figuring It Out.

You first got into music when you were six and picked up a drumstick for the first time and you’ve been creating music ever since. Can you remember the first song you ever wrote and what it was about?

The first song I ever wrote and recorded is called ‘Twelve’. It’s still on Soundcloud to this day. Honestly, the lyrics are kind of gibberish, but I had just turned 12 years old before I wrote it and it all revolves around that. A silly song, but it gave me a small taste of that feeling where you create something entirely your own and release it into the world. 

In your music you tell your own coming of age narrative. If you could choose one coming of age movie or TV show to put your music into, which would it be and why?

I wish my music made light in Juno because I have 20 songs that would fit perfectly to the heartthrob that is Vanessa and Mark breaking up.

Your new EP Cold Nights in Hollywood represents that ideology as it’s your own story of moving to Hollywood at just 16 years old. Can you remember what you felt like during your early days of arriving in L.A?

It was terrible to be honest. I moved at the front of the pandemic. I was working 40 hour weeks at this restaurant on Fairfax till it closed down due to Covid and I was unemployed. I remember just sitting inside everyday and making songs because nothing was open, no one was even in L.A. I often questioned why I was there, but I stuck it out and brighter days were ahead. 

Is there any track that stands out to you as the one that embodies what this journey felt like for you?

I think each track represents a unique feeling, for instance, ‘Drugs&Love’ tells of the heartbreak I’ve experienced since moving here as I’ve dealt with the hookup culture that permeates through Los Angeles. ‘Man In The Stars’ talks about my most vulnerable nights, those where I am alone, left in a room full of my thoughts in such a big city, a breeding ground for depression, which I struggle with. ‘Another Day’ highlights the fun moments, the moments of love and content. The moments where you live that dream you moved to Hollywood for in the first place. 

You’ve had a lot highs and lows in this journey and I imagine the biggest high has been meeting your girlfriend/occasional songwriting partner Gretta, Drugs&Love is even about how you two met! Are there any other brilliant moments you’ve had whilst living in Hollywood that feels like a core memory for you that you couldn’t get into the EP?

Gretta is a light in life everyday. I think another great moment was when I met Brevin Kim in this high-rise apartment out of nowhere probably three months after I had moved here. I was a long time fan of them, and had no idea they were about to bust through the door. Then they did, we got along, and it has blossomed into a long friendship. That encounter was my first time seeing the opportunity in Hollywood first hand.

You and Greta travelled from Washington to L.A by car together, what was best moment of that trip?

All of it. Lots and lots of fan to be had on that drive. But probably the portion when we drove through Big Sur, super pretty up there, very creatively inspiring. We spent some good time around the beach. It’s hard for me to write songs unless I simultaneously experience life. 

You’ve also collaborated with big names in the underground scene like Harry Was Here, Nevi and Shy High, what’s it been like working with so many great people on this project?

Shoutout all of these amazing artists/producers + DXCKLIN, BOIA, Geller, eeryskies, & PnkBlnkt. 

If you could collaborate with any artist in the world right now who would it be and why?

I would love to collaborate with Justin Vernon (AKA Bon Iver). Such a talented artist and I’ve had a lot of truly special moments listening to his music. Lots of inspiration is drawn from him and his constant experimentation. 

I’ve followed you since your debut and you’ve got a brilliant work ethic when it comes to creating music and promoting it. Is there anything that you’ve found helps you when you’ve got creative block for these tasks?

It’s tough. Recently I’ve had a bit of creative block for promotion. I think the state of the industry is enforcing a lot of expectations for content output on artists and it’s truly exhausting. When I get burnt out, I take a bit of time, and just sit back from the social media shit. At the end of the day, I make music cause I love that energy in the room when you build a hit song with your buddies… I don’t make it to please everyone on the internet. 

You pull in a lot of influences from all over the board, are there any eras or artists that specifically stand out to you?

I love all music man, aside from country and not too much a fan for metal either. My influences move around a lot but overall I’m a huge fan of the transition going on in house music right now and the alternative rap scene throughout the last 15-20 years. 

You can only listen to five songs for the rest of your life, which do you pick and why?

Track 4-6 on the Cold Nights In Hollywood (EP), Open My Letter, & Runaway by Kanye West. 

Now that Cold Nights in Hollywood is out, what’s on the cards for you next? Gonna take some down time, travel or start making the next project?

Lots of music is sitting in the vault. Moving into a new place soon in LA and hoping to settle in there. I’m planning on going to New York to work on the next project. We have a show in Los Angeles August 30th Presented by WFNM @ Blackrose LA. Doing a special event in LA in December for Cold Nights In Hollywood.

Who’re you counting in?

Man shout out all the artists doubling up as producers on my project. DXCKLIN has an incredible artist project, as does Geller, HARRY WAS HERE, & Pnkblnkt. BOIA is about to drop an incredible bunch of songs. Memorex been doing cool things, MONEYPHONE is sick, Jessie Murph doing cool shit too. Bazio fye, and quinn dropped AOTY!