Looking back at our life we can decipher and identity multiple moments where a certain decision could’ve lead to a completely different timeline of events, making you a brand new person as a result. It’s something that, when you sit and deeply think about it, can be quite jarring but this thought process is what lead to NUFFER writing his debut EP. Maintaining a forward facing sound whilst looking towards the past, NUFFER dives into his history, from his days in high school to the loves that he’s found, to create a sonic scrapbook of his life. Making you smile in the process whilst wanting desperately to go back and look through your life.

A-OK opens with Nuffer Super Intro, an off-kilter greeting that lets us know we’re about to see a wide variety of genre and oscillating soundscapes. Big Brain is one part One Direction (specifically Steal My Girl’s guitars) and the other part an upbeat yet hazy Rex Orange County track, perfect for bumping in the car or vibing to. Tinnitus is something I’ll be adding to my beach playlists with the laidback, tropical vibe the production as mixed with the dulcet tones of NUFFER’s voice before transitioning into the pop punk affair Blowhard which Blink182 would kill to record. Spirits and Deadbeat were made for bumping in the car and the climatic track Grifter is a summer anthem that ends this debut project on one hell of a high note. Dive into this EP and help discover a bit of yourself within his musings.

“The EP was a search to find something three-dimensional, writing about myself and how many paradoxes there can be in love and life. How I can make fun of something, but have it come from a place of authenticity and humility because at the same time, I see myself in it. Whether that be a deadbeat from San Diego, a nihilistic college grad, or a basement show attendee, it’s fun to poke at. But at the same time, I’m not too high and mighty to really dig, because I’ve had a piece of these things in my life.”

Must Read

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Rosenfeld – True