Rozie Ramati – Bésame Mucho

Taking on a classic track that’s one of the most popular Spanish language songs of all time is a huge task for any artist to undertake, but to add your own flavour to it and transform it into a fresh new marvel is almost like mission impossible. Especially when you’re trying to show a passage of time through the production. But not every artist is Rozie Ramati who takes this challenge in her stride, strutting around with an air of confidence that is unmatched as she gives us a modern reimagining of the classic Bésame Mucho with her clear artistic vision. So much so that even if you’ve heard the original, you’d almost be convinced this was a new-fashioned original track.

Opening with a crisp guitar riff that oozes latin charm, Ramati’s vocal glides with a sublime elegance that’s akin to a duchess walking through the palace garden. This majestic homage to the original slowly begins to venture off the well trodden path however, entering the fray comes a diverse range of instruments that matches the hauntingly ethereal aura to sheer perfection. This all comes to a climax with an array of otherworldly electronics arriving, backing Ramati’s vocal as she soars to unbelievable heights with her high pitched beauty. Transforming the track into something transcendental, all whilst showing how time goes by without us even noticing and that the old and new, aren’t as different as they may seem.

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