Adam Melchor – Turnham Green


Adam Melchor has returned which means one thing, it’s time to break out the tissues and have a good old crying session. Ever since hearing Real Estate I’ve become beguiled by Melchor’s intimate sound, letting his heartfelt lyrics take a hold of me and letting my emotions take a hold of me as I let it all out in that moment. That’s his music in a nutshell, cathartic pieces that allow you to process trauma that’s happened to you and deal with it in a healthy way. It’s honest and open art that is a wonder to bare witness to, which is why I’ve been enraptured again by his most recent release.

Dealing with the struggle of someone wanting something different from you or moving on their life whilst leaving your behind in a state of confusion and dread, Turnham Green is life moving faster than you ever expected it to. The gentle strumming of an acoustic guitar leads the soundscape with Melchor’s softly spoken vocal quietly letting you into his own personal struggle. We see the build up of this eventual separation, from his partner slowly carving out their true intentions and Melchor doing everything in his power to hold onto someone he knows wants something else. It’s heartbreaking and you can’t help but tear up as you see this all unfold. Include the artistic music video and I’m surprised there hasn’t been a small flood from tears his fans have been shedding.

Must Read