sunsetto – drugs are for fun

Parties. They’re the place where we create some of our best core memories, fill with nights of dancing, screaming out your favourite songs at the top of your lungs, celebrating every minor event that has happened within each others lives, catching up on every little thing you missed, it’s just a joyous time. There’s another side to it though, because often at these events is where we have some of our deepest conversations. Our barriers go down and we open ourselves up to the people around us unlike anything we’ve done before. That’s what sunsetto did last November which lead to a raw conversation that’s stuck with him ever since.

Masquerading as an uplifting pop anthem, featuring a catchy hook and 80’s synths, drugs are for fun at its core is about a sobering conversation between two people. The lyrics reflect this, helping your mind envision these two people sat alone on a rooftop with a muffled EDM track blaring from the speakers below as they begin to have one of the most poignant conversations of their life. It’s heartfelt, it’s raw, it’s sobering and most important of all it’s real. A juxtaposing single that’s made for losing yourself in the rhythm of the melodies or contemplating parts of your life by acknowledging the sincere storytelling. A truly sublime single.

“I wrote the song in LA last November about coping mechanisms that formed from seemingly harmless fun with partying but that led to some important conversations and changes in my life. The song is disguised as an upbeat catchy pop anthem but, at its core, is a sobering conversation between two people. Nobody is perfect, and we’re not all lucky enough to have someone in our life that cares enough to tell us we need to make a change.”

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