Florence Arman – Stupid Heart

The best way to describe Florence Arman’s songwriting is incorruptible. She doesn’t try and masquerade her stories as something they’re not, she won’t falsify elements of the story she weaves for us through her sonic tapestry. She’ll be as honest as she can be, never hiding details within the thread we may never notice, instead laying it all out and inviting us to see how the inner workings of her mind work. We get to see behind the curtain and understand the emotional turmoil she goes through, forming an everlasting connection in the process.

Her latest Stupid Heart emphasises this by tenfold. With a Lily Allen styled hook that you’ll struggle to forget mixed with the playfully bold lyrics and an emotionally vulnerable core, this is without a doubt Arman’s best track to date. Writing about the baggage that comes with being the youngest in the family, Arman delicately croons during the verses before filling the chorus with the empathetic majesty of her voice. Reaching dizzying highs and bringing us back down into crushing lows, she accepts the issues that come with family but still, like we all do with family, like to be a bit dramatic about it from time to time. Ever since her debut Arman has stunned us and this is no exception.

Florence Arman will be touring with the indie cult heroes Milky Chance later this year on their European tour. If you get the opportunity, make sure you go and see them because they’re both sonic delicacies that we can all enjoy.

Stupid Heart’ is the first song I wrote about family stuff.  Being the youngest in my family I think I’ve inherited a bit of baggage, which is normal I think and totally fine, but then again I still want to be able to write very dramatic songs about it.”

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