Madeline The Person – Why I Broke Up With You


Over the past few years Madeline The Person has built a brand for herself through beautifully raw storytelling through an authentic lens whilst having a vivid, technicolour aesthetic you’d expect to see in a children’s colouring book. The extreme juxtaposition has given her a distinct identity that no one else can truly compete with, it’s probably why this young musician has had a lot of success since her earnest debut As A Child. Her previous single MEAN! has been a runaway success too so it should come as no surprise that her latest single continues her hot run of form.

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘you make a house a home’ but Madeline takes that idea to whole new level in Why I Broke Up With You. The bouncy break up anthem is filled with heartfelt lyrical imagery that you’d expect to see in a Taylor Swift track, but it’s Madeline’s evocative voice that steals the show here. She takes you by the hand, sits you down and expresses all the pain she felt in her previous relationship to you. Never missing out a single detail you get a crystal clear image of the home she built with this person, followed by the wrecking her brought in to tear it down. The video reflects this message too, through a dollhouse lens we see the pain, suffering and the resulting end product of a door being shut forever.

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