Camp Kona – Soft

There’s been this false premonition in the world that R&B music is dead, I don’t know where this idea came from because right now the genre is thriving in the underground scene. There’s an abundance of artists who’ve emerged from the independent scene and come out with sublime pieces of luscious R&B that tantalise the tastebuds and have you beguiled over what could come next. It’s very clear that Camp Kona is one of those artists. Whilst her vocal remains confident with the power she holds, there’s a subtle vulnerability that shines through that only comes with confessing your love to someone who might not reciprocate it. The self-reliance eventually fades as her emotions come to the forefront, but it’s clear she’s got that special something.

Soft is a prime example of this. A 90’s R&B influenced production serves as the perfect backdrop for this loved up affair, there’s even a summer vibe coming from the glistening synths, that her angelic vocal effortlessly soars over like a majestic swan across a lake. She weaves us an unforgettable tale through her diary entry lyrics, turning it into a vibrant wonderland that you can easily get lost within. Camp Kona has a sonic palette that’s filled with colour, confidence, creativity and compelling storytelling, be sure to hope onto her sound ASAP.

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