Mercer – Strangers

If you’ve stumbled across Mercer’s music in the past then you’ll know how she injects her whole being into her music. She doesn’t hide any small part of herself behind a shield to deflect any worries or struggles off of, she’s instead an open book who openly expresses all of her grievances through unfiltered lyrics are forthright, blunt and authentic as can be. It’s why she’s developed such a loyal fanbase because they see apart of themselves within her music and she becomes their own personal confidant. She confides in us and we find a bit of ourselves in her words in the process. Now it’s time to come up against her latest musical experience.

Strangers is a best friend break up anthem that paints a vivid narrative for us all to behold. We see every intricate little detail from this time, the late nights drinking red wine, the stories going around about them betraying your trust, you doing the same by hitting up their exes and everything in-between that makes it all the more enthralling. The pop production doesn’t go over the top either, it remains tender with its delivery to heighten the emotion whilst still managing to make the chorus carry this sense of grandiose and voice soar with the melancholia it carries. Mercer is a pop golden girl in the making and this track is living proof of that.

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