Alexander 23 – Somebody’s Nobody


Alexander 23’s meteoric rise has been nothing short of outstanding. He’s gone from producing singles in his bedroom that’ve left his early fans in a flood of tears, to being a Grammy-nominated hitmaker and phenomenally acclaimed musical force. He’s gone from strength to strength and will soon be unveiling his debut album Aftershock, a project that is sure to delight and intrigue. We’ve even been given a little taste of what this album will soon offer us with the release of Somebody’s Nobody, an emotionally intuitive single which will have you crying like you’ve just watched the ending of Titanic for the first time. Yeah it’s on that tearjerker level.

For starters, the piano melody featured throughout this single is sublime. It’s simple but has this magical aura surrounding it that highlights the halcyon tone of Alexander’s voice, allowing the emotion to wrap itself around you like a Boa Constrictor and make you feel every word he utters. Then you’ve got the way the music majestically builds, growing in size until the grand finale where the music and voice come together in a euphonic collision that will likely feature in countless climatic movie scenes in the future. If you’ve a fan of Olivia Rodrigo love ballads and Conan Gray style pop, this single is something you need to hop onto.

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