Precious Pepala – My Eyes Only

An outstanding new voice in the UK’s thriving pop scene has arrived today with the Sheffield based musician Precious Pepala making a formal statement of intent with her breathtaking debut single. This 17 year old musician originally began singing in a church where her father leads a congregation, this is where she developed a taste for performing and once that performing bug bit her she was hook. She soon began to play the guitar, even starting a girlband with some of her friends, and soon began to write songs, turning it into a form of cathartic therapy where she would vent out her frustrations about the world around her as well as her own insecurities. Before to long she’d found her voice as someone who’d help soothe her generation and who’d speak about the issues they were going through. Now her debut has arrive and it’s a special one to say the very least.

From the offset My Eyes Only showcases the lyrical prowess this artists possesses. Crafting poetic phrases around guarding your emotions to masquerade how you truly feel because you want people to perceive you as somebody you’re not, she doesn’t hold back that her tears are only for her and no one else. It’s a vulnerably honest admission of the pain she suffers and allows her to liberate herself from the prison she finds herself in. Her honey-drizzled voice elegantly glides over the soundscape, igniting an emotional reaction with the melancholia she brings alongside the passion that fills the sonic plains, all whilst she vividly paints you a picture of her unrest. She tears down her wall for us to see and in the process becomes a new voice for the youth of the UK.

“’My Eyes Only’ is a song about guarding your emotions and not wanting other people to see you vulnerable, especially in romantic relationships. The lyrics are a true and honest confession about how the way I want to be perceived sometimes contrasts with how I really am.”

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