If you’re coming down from the high that Harry Style’s new album gave you, then it’s time for you to hop onto someone that will give a euphoric high so good your serotonin levels will never come down. Of course I am talking about Arlie, the Nashville act who’s debut album BREAK THE CURSE is an utterly joyous affair. Whatever headspace you find yourself in, this album can change that with the jubilance it offers through the triumphant melodies making you feel 10 feet tall and carefree vocals that have you flying in the sky on cloud nine. It’s an unforgettable album that sees the act blossoming with the true authenticity they offer, along with their lyrical storytelling that you’ll connect with and find a little bit of yourself within.

It’s a timeless piece of indie pop art with standout tracks sickk and wait a minute being some of my favourite singles to come out of 2022 so far. However, it’s how all these piece interlace with one another that make it so fantastical. Individually they’re addictive song you’ll have on repeat, but put them together and they become a woven sonic tapestry regaling us with a tale centred around the theme of transcending societal, cultural, and generational traumas. Be prepared to have this blasting on repeat for weeks to come.

“This album is called BREAK THE CURSE, which I found to be the common thread between all the songs on this record, and what they mean to me. That is, through this realization of how cycles of hurt are repeated through generations and realizing the parallel between my relationship with my dad and my relationship with other people in my life, like friends and romantic interests. Hitting on the same issues that prevent true connection with those people as my dad did with me and likely his father did with him.

This album brought in more collaborators in more significant ways than I have in the past. That also helped with me learning how to overcome obstacles in relationships, in the collaborative process itself. A representation of a chapter in life and feels really good to be putting out into the world.”

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