young friend – CRASH COURSE

Summer is just around the corner. The days are longer, the nights are shorter, the sun is shining and there is an abundance of fun to be had, but most importantly there will be countless summer anthems being released that will enter our heavy rotation. Just before we enter the month of June we’ve got a firm contender for this in young friend, who’s latest single is a dreamy landscape perfect for any adolescent movie. Just wait for A24 to get this in a movie because, truth be told, it already has the storytelling ability to be a scene in one.

CRASH COURSE continues to showcase young friend’s ability to narrate the highs and lows of adolescent through an honest lens, lyrically it is a honest as a diary. Portraying himself feeling like a burden to someone in a relationship, this artist manages to become a seasoned tightrope performer in this track. Walking the fine line between unwavering melancholia through the heart-wrenching lyrical display, only to be contrasted by a punch production featuring booming guitars and climactic drums that thump through your body. To top it all off this artist has confidence exuding from his vocal, making every lyric pack an almighty punch. Get this on your summer playlists ASAP and enjoy sonic wonderland he’s gifted to you.

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