Sueco – Salt


Ever since dropping Fast the Los Angeles based producer Sueco has been on a meteoric rise. He’s been able to tap into a wide variety of genres to form a soundscape that’s completely his own and formed an everlasting connection with his legions of fans across the globe which grow by the day. The unpredictability of hyperpop, the raw emotional appeal of pop-punk and lyrical prowess of a hip hop maverick are all found within his music and, with each release, he showcases how his talent is consistently growing as he looks to become a generational musician.

Showcasing his evocative vocal and natural ability to keep an audience captivated with a simplistic production, Salt is his powerhouse moment. Countless artists in the pop-punk realm have their emotionally draining single which fans feel have a piece of themselves within… this is that song for Sueco. Raw lyrics pouring out like unfiltered thoughts to a therapist after a rough session, his voice having this enthralling cry that brings it to life and a intimate instrumental that draws you further into his world. It’s a rollercoaster ride of a single that will probably go down as one of his greats.

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