Sea Lemon – Close Up

Sea Lemon’s music is something that makes you infinite in the best way imaginable. Whilst everything in the world is moving a million miles a minute and there appears to be countless disasters occurring regularly on the news, but when you put your headphones on and play Sea Lemon all of that fades away for a few brief moments. You go from a world filled with tragedy to one where you’re able to live your life freely without the fear of what’s going on as the the colour becomes more vivid and the things that bring you joy are in abundance. Supply an EP filled with that sweet goodness and you best believe I’m going to have it on repeat for weeks to come.

Close Up is something to soundtrack your main character moment. Whether it’s envisioning yourself in an A24 coming of age movie or turning your day to day into something out of a slice of life anime, each track here can do that for you. Last Year makes floating off of the ground seem like a possibility because you just feel weightless with those early 2000’s indie melodies and ethereal vocals to match. You’ve also got more somber toned tracks like Eraser that lets you get wrapped up in your emotions with the poignant lyrical display she croons to you. No matter what your mood or where you’re at in life, Sea Lemon’s music is something you’ll want to play on repeat.

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