FLOWVERS – Daylight

Capturing euphoria in a bottle with the sheer ecstatic wonder they bring to the proverbial sonic table, FLOWVERS have unleashed an utter delight with their latest single. One listen to Daylight is the equivalent of having serotonin injected straight into the body with the uplifting atmosphere being thoroughly infectious, transcending onto you and turning any grey clouds into glorious sunshine. It’s perfectly British with its sound, capturing the joy this nation has when it’s celebrating the hot weather through scintillating guitar riffs and effervescent drums that clash together in rhapsody inducing fashion, making you want to dance with a fresh pint in your hand wherever you are. If you’ve ever seen classic British coming of age movies like Sing Street then you’ll know this song would be the perfect finale for any of those classics.

The biggest compliment I can give this single is that it reminds me of Mr Brightside in the best possible way. It’s something you can see a stadium of people belting back at the artist in unison, celebrating together as one that they get to experience this euphoric moment together. This is a future stadium anthem for this band that will easily put a smile on your face.

“‘Daylight’, our happy sad love child. The first recordings we have are just Stan, Henry, and Matisse playing in a rehearsal room when Connor was absent. To this day we still play it three or four times back-to-back when rehearsing because of the sheer buzz we feel off it.”

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