Maisie Peters – Cate’s Brother


Time for a designated pop bop that’s going to get stuck in your head for weeks, nay, months on end with its downright insatiable hook. Maisie Peters has been going from strength to strength in recent years with her brand of buoyant, danceable and relatable brand of pop garnering her a small but loyal fanbase who’ve be foaming at the mouth waiting for this track. Teasing it on TikTok, the small teaser caused a storm within her fanbase who’ve been playing the same thirty seconds of this track for what felt like months on end. Now though they get to blast it out in full and sing-a-long like nobody is watching because Cate’s Brother has dropped.

The track is a bonafide stadium anthem, which makes sense considering she recently performed it whilst opening for Ed Sheeran at a stadium. The chorus is a high octane joyride with the 80’s influenced guitars launching you into a euphoric high that will leave you rapturous throughout the entire single. Her talk-styled brand of lyrics were designed for hairbrush karaoke moments whilst putting on your own private concert to the imaginary crowd in your room. It’s a simply joyous affair, now we just have to wait for Cate’s brother reveal!

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