Although it is only April, look no further for your newfound summer anthem guaranteed to deliver nothing but immaculate vibes. GASLIGHT is newcomer artist INJI’s debut single, and let us be the first to say, she did not hold back in the slightest. It is always extremely exciting and very occasional when an artist is able to step into this industry with a breakthrough song, and INJI has done it flawlessly. The concept behind GASLIGHT is completely satirical, and she even showcases an irrefutable imitation of a British accent throughout the song. Satiric or not, INJI will undoubtedly have you dancing and singing along. As house music permeates into the mainstream music scene, INJI perfectly combines this trendy sound with the chart-topping genre of pop music, actualizing our vision of warm summer nights spent dancing with friends.

Thanks to platforms like TikTok, where GASLIGHT was first unveiled, INJI was able to create hype around the song where people anticipated its release down to the date! And, to be completely honest, we couldn’t wait for the full version to be released. With GASLIGHT being INJI’s first release, us music industry folk are extremely eager to see where this song will lead INJI as it soon reaches the masses. With a little under 300k streams, after being released less than two weeks ago, we urge you to stop whatever you’re doing and give it a listen.

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