redveil – learn 2 swim

Maryland native redveil is one of the most exciting artists around right now. Back in 2020 his sophomore album Niagara took the music world by the surprise with the then 16 year old exploding onto the scene with raw talent that blew others out of the water with a tsunami of tantalising melodies and dynamic storytelling. It was an extraordinary feat. Each generation has a select number of hip hop artists that become icons, who help shape this generation’s love of music and guide them down a path that inspires them to follow in their footsteps. I can say with full chest that redveil could easily be that for Gen Z with his latest project learn 2 swim being a contender for album of the year and, if all goes to plan, could become a landmark album for the young musician.

The best way to describe this project is bittersweet. He’s able to find chaotic lows that will have you reeling with the emotional devastation they bring, but he’s also able to bring out the triumph in these moments. The unrivalled feeling of getting knocked down but getting right back up and continuing your journey with a fresh perspective. Rich lyrical imagery painting a vivid portrait as lush as the album art itself, this project isn’t just a small step forward for redveil, it’s a monumental push forward where his storytelling can now be compared to some of the biggest heavy hitters around. He’s doing more than just crafting an album, he’s pushing the boundaries of what rap can be perceived as. Transforming and morphing the genre into his own juggernaut sound.

Redveil is a one in a million artist who’s going to continue to climb to surreal heights as his love for music and breathtaking talent continues to thrive.

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