Lindsey Lomis – die with my friends

If you’ve ever gone through the experience of leaving for college or moving town once you reach the promised land of 18 years of age, then you’ll understand how much of a weird transitional phase it is in life. One side of you is clinging onto the past by not wanting to lose these friends or become separated and being na├»ve in the moment that one day you might reunite to feel that euphoria once more. Whilst the other side is willing you to spread your wings and start a fresh in the new world you now reside, despite longing for your past. Going through this can be rough, which is probably why Lindsey Lomis’ latest single will end up hitting a little too close to home for many of her young fans.

Die with my friends is a somber yet somehow hopeful number. Lomis’ lyrics are blunt, it’s her looking in the mirror and telling herself to be honest about what’s happening, you’re creating a fantasy that everything will go back to the way it was but deep down know that this is the end of an era. Her vocal features a subtle cry throughout, upping the ante of the emotion to let us know how close she is to breaking down but keeping this idea alive in her head that one day, after her and her friends have all lived their lives, that they’ll come back together for the end of them. That’s what the meaning behind this bittersweet single is. It’s not about wanting to die as your friend’s leave, it’s about living your life with the people you’ve come to consider family and introducing them to the people who helped you become who you are today.

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