Datboiryen – doing 2 much

Elevating his sound with every release to the point where he’s slowly beginning to hit the heights of Mount Everest, the 19 year old Richmond, Virginia native Datboiryen doesn’t pull any punches and instead greets us with a volatile explosion of heavy duty emotion. Exploring the emotions in place during an intoxicated exchanging of words, doing 2 much doesn’t need to explain what was said and instead allows you to fill in the blanks. You become apart of this conversation, giving you vivid flashbacks to past events where your fervid passion resulted in fiery conversation, allowing you to become apart of the storying that he’s crafted. Going from an array of buoyant yet mellows electronics an eruption soon appear that launches this piece into life, going from 0 to 100 in record time. It perfectly reflects the emotional devastation that’s being left in his path, allowing each note to pack the punch of Mike Tyson all whilst being an addictive bop that makes you want to dance like you’re crying in the club. It’s absolutely insane and, in my eyes, is this young musicians best track to date.

If this tickles your fancy then be sure to dive into the rest of his discography. He’s consistently raising his game, so by going back to beginning on Spotify you can see his journey for yourself and, like me, become an instant fan.

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